Jamal Shah Academy for Personal Power, Public Speaking and Spoken English


Why choose Jamal Shah Academy for Personal Power, Public Speaking and Spoken English?

Once you’ve experienced excellence you’ll never be content with mediocrity

We have a proven track record in building competencies. We excel in providing great and momentous time to the trainees. Our International Standard training models and courses have been developed after thorough research by experts who are masters of their field. This makes our courses and training programs highly effective turning the trainees into awesome winners.

All our courses and training are action packed (with fun elements) explosive, inspiring and laden with zing and high energy that immediately starts to condition the minds of the participants for greater successes and ensures they follow through what they were trained in during the training programs. We believe that measurement is a key differentiator when it comes to training programs. As such all our course and training programs can be evaluated by the increases in the individual and business performances after the participants have undergone training and are utilizing the skills and knowledge they acquired at their studies / work places.

Become Achievers

Motivation of Participants Ignited
Their Personal Effectiveness Accelerated
Total Audience Participation and Cutting Edge Skills acquired by them

New Training
New Motivational energy
New Passion to Excel
New kind of Desperation and Madness to attain greater successes

The Trainees:

Get highly energized and motivated during the time they spent with us and continue being that for the rest of their life. From day one they become active and take action in whatever they want to achieve with full force and conviction. Powerful Motivational Messages to inspire them to achieve consistently challenging Personal and Professional goals.

Turned into a fighting force, continuously challenging the status quo and doing things passionately to get out of their comfort zones and become achievers.

Jamal Shah Academy for Personal Power, Public Speaking and Spoken English

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