Campus to Corporate Training Program for Youngsters

Personality Development

Anybody can be great!
Anything is possible for anybody. Impossible is nothing!
You can train your body & nervous system to attain greatness!

Unleash your explosive potential on the world!

Complete personality transformation Personal Development training program for Indians!
You have an infinite amount of power that can drive you to your full potential. Exploit that potential to take your studies / career to another level?

And turn your dreams into reality

Full of cutting-edge tools and daily practices, this course, helps you get amazing results.

Remember you are your only limitation. Get rid of your limitations and you become the best in whatever you do.

Our mission

To turn you into the most powerful, energetic and confident person on earth.

Personal Power Training: Content outline

Self Motivation
Building and conditioning oneself for positive attitude
The power of focus
Goal setting : Creating Your Future
Time management
Empowering beliefs
Success Conditioning
Overcoming fears of failure and success
Creating unstoppable self confidence
Communication skills
Presentation skills
How to Take Complete Control of Your Life
Anchoring Yourself to Success
Leadership skills
Personal branding, personal grooming & more

Job Interview handling skills

Interviewers – their tasks & problems
Fundamentals & parameters of interview, A positive approach to interviews
Preparation for Interview
Personal style & Dressing Right for the Interview, Personal disposition
Knowledge in own area
Putting oneself across the interview
How do you beat the competition?
Dos and don’ts during Interview
Salary Negotiation, Following through
FAQ’s in Interview

Group discussion

Group Discussion concepts, Group Discussions – Do’s and Don’ts
Etiquettes and manners at Group Discussions, Impromptu speaking
Handling objections effectively at Group Discussions
Impromptu speaking

Value addition:

Customized International standard Cover Letter / CV / telemarketing script for job hunting. Elevator Speech.
Professional advise / counseling on personal / job related problems as and when required
Free professional placement / guidance as and when required.
Online personal counseling / therapy on problems or issues on personal styling & dress sense etc faced by the youngsters as and when required
Help in making an effective career strategy by learning ways to hunt for jobs
Discounts on all other powerful motivational, soft skills / sales training programs conducted by the academy
Telecoaching: Role playing / mock interviews on the phone, when going for interviews as and when required
Continued personal development training through ‘Private You Tube Channel’& WhatsApp

Training methodology & tools used for training

Our programs are highly interactive involving individual and group exercises, discussions and analysis of work based situations and assessment tools to give you valuable skills and techniques to master your biggest asset, your personality.

Tools used for training:

Role Plays, Simulation, Group activities, Assignments, Exercises
Games, mock sessions
Movie clips, audio clips
Students will be video graphed all through the training program to point out their flaws in personality aspects so as to remove them.
The last half day of the training program will be devoted to an Act As If event to strengthen all what they had learned and condition them further.