‘Professional Telephone Techniques’ Training Program

Turn your receptionists / secretaries / switchboard operators, customer service personnel / telemarketers into awesome telephone communicators.

Let them learn effective telephone manners and project the best image of your company to your clients / prospective clients / vendors / your principals. Remember they are your first contact with outside people and you must make sure that they act as your brand ambassador and ensure the callers have a positive moment of truth, interacting with them on the phone.

Any one can answer the phone. Anyone can make calls.

But there is a big difference between sophisticated use of the phone and simply answering the phone

There are definite telephone techniques that your receptionists and other frontline executives can learn and master which can help them in becoming professional telephone handlers thereby projecting the best image of your company to the callers. Remember how skillfully your receptionists etc. create the first best impression on the callers when they pick up the phone will tell the callers that they have reached a professional company with whom they can do business.

We will train your receptionists and other executives on how to project the positive image of your company by developing excellent telephone manners.

Presenting ‘the professional telephone techniques workshop

A one day workshop, its objective is to build up motivated and results oriented telephone communicators who can enhance your company’s image to a great extent.

Who can join:

Receptionists / secretaries / switchboard operators / customer service personnel / telemarketers

Brief outline of the program focus

How to be courteous on the phone
Handling customers / callers professionally
Professional handling of switchboard
Taking messages and giving information professionally
Transferring calls effectively
Telephone time and money savers. Time saved is money made
Effective customer services
Delivering standout service to the clients / potential clients
Handling difficult callers and situation effectively
Handling complaints professionally
How to be an effective receptionist and secretary etc.
Listening on phone
The workshop will be very interactive and practical in nature. Your staff’s productivity level as a telephone communicator will rise dramatically after the workshop.

Training Methodology

Role Plays, Audio/video, games, exercises, activities

Dates of workshop: Dates for the workshop will be announced from time to time