Spoken English Skills Course

Spoken English learned quickly

The fun & easy way to improve your Spoken English

Speak fluently and eloquently with style and pizzazz, be confident of yourself and win the world.

There will be many advantages for you if you learn to speak English well. But it has to be global English.

And we will help you do that – become global English speaker. It is our hope that spoken English learned quickly will help you reach your goal, speaking fluent and correct English.

This course helps to develop greater fluency in language. It teaches you correct usage of grammar, helps you to develop vocabulary, and instill confidence in speaking through sessions of debates, impromptu speech, etc. Group activities are undertaken to build language skills.

Who can join?

This course is suitable for learners who have little or moderate exposure to spoken English and want to improve upon their communication skills.
Anyone who has working knowledge of English but needs to further polish it.
School / college students (including vernacular students), management students, engineering Students, IT/computer students, English language students, house wives etc.
Working people/Professionals wanting to go for a makeover

Why should you join the course?

Remember the pain you had to undergo when, despite your best efforts, someone got more success and went past you just because of his command over English? Surely, you wouldn’t want that to happen again? You want to try to attain your full potential as a fluent speaker of English, so that you can tap it to your benefit.
You will be stylish in speech delivery
Our course enables you to speak without fumbling and struggling. It helps you to express yourself effortlessly.
Everyone will be able to comprehend your English
You will be able to communicate more transparently and be understandable internationally

Course contents

Basic spoken English Grammar
Every day English vocabulary development
English conversational skills
English usage in learners daily lives
Question formations
Pronunciation / diction / accent
Neutralizing regional accents (MTI : Mother tongue influence)
Switching tenses, use of preposition and conjunctions while speaking
Constructing correct sentence structures and grammatical errors, using proper tenses, to convey the right meaning
Correcting common mispronounced words

Training Methodology

Audio / Video recording and action replay
Constant practice in conversational day to day English
Scenario based role plays / simulation
Group discussion, debates, presentations
Games, activities, exercises

Duration and fees

Monday to Thursday:

4.00PM – 6.00PM
6.30PM – 8.30PM
96 Hours, 3 Months
Fees: Rs. 6000/-