Personality Development

40 Days to Being A Powerful, Charismatic Personality, Challenge
The tools you need to get a powerful, charismatic personality in 40 days!

Take your life completely apart and rebuild it piece by piece
That way you’ll be sure that every single component is functioning at its highest level free of any error

My challenge to you is simple: Get a powerful & charismatic personality in 40 days.

Along the way whatever your experience level may be:

You’ll receive the skills, tools, confidence and knowledge to become powerful and make a high impact on others wherever you go

We want you to master this part of your life and to make sure you do, we are going to hold your hand and walk you through every step along the way
We have developed a short cut that compresses years of learning into 40 days and it’s going to transform your success with people in your career, as well as your success in a much bigger game: LIFE

Overview of the challenge:

The Objective: Get a Powerful & Charismatic Personality in 40 days

Who can play?

Anyone seeking a very powerful, charismatic personality, more success & relationship with people, and awesome, fulfilling career and if you are a student, become a brilliant high achieving student.

The cost:

A nominal fee and the willingness to try on some new behaviour and see if they fit and really work for you! Though we are sure it will work for you!

The prize

A powerful attractive personality, the envy of your peers, friends, colleagues and relatives and of course the lifestyle you deserve

How to play?

There will be 5 weeks of online training. Total 30 - 40 hours of training
Weekends: Saturday and Sunday: 3 hours per session
One on one coaching is also available
The being a powerful charismatic personality challenge is also available without undergoing training. Talk to us for more information.

After the weekend training you will be given missions which you will have to accomplish on the week days / weekends. So the practical training plus the daily missions will enhance your learning and help you get out of your comfort zone and bring desired changes in your behaviour. Behaviour change will make you stronger and give you greater successes in your careers.
We have developed 40 days of mission / activities which you have to do like a mission every day. You have to set aside at least one hour a day to do:

All the missions, exercises without fail

For daily missions, and exercises, contexts are set and learning contents used during training are given in the form of supplementary materials in short easy to read and learn, capsule forms.

Follow UP

Daily follow up through Emails / WhatsApp
Audio / Videos and other demos / learning / motivational materials will be provided off and on to keep you keyed in to your daily missions and motivate you to carry on to vigorously complete your missions
Discussion forum: The challengers will join the discussion forum on WhatsApp / Emails to share their wins and struggles in carrying out the missions


1. The trainer will always be available on an Email / WhatsApp to help you carry on with the missions if or when you struggle with anything while attempting the challenges.


Once you join the personal power challenge, you will be given the guidelines which will detail you, on how you are going to play the game of power and confidence and how to win the most important game of your life which is going to give you immense successes throughout your life time.

Some of the topics of the powerful training program are:

1. Personal mission / improving your online game
2. Challenger cold reads / power of focus
3. Framing and reframing and anchoring
4. Vocal training / body language
5. Conquering approach anxiety
6. Telephoning techniques
7. Confidence building / Reference guide
8. Belief / Raising ones standards
9. The power of vision / crushing goals / managing time
10. Primer to attraction
11. Troubleshooting
12. Charisma
13. Looks and grooming, styling, fashion, etiquette
14. Openness and networking: meeting people, men/women
15. Elevator speech
16. Story telling / story building / generating stories
17. Communication skills / public speaking
18. Style for attraction
19. Relationship building: Influence / persuasion
20. Identify refinement exercise
21. Mastering your hidden self, emotions
22. Demonstrating higher value
23. Conquering approach anxiety
24. Telephone techniques
25. Self esteem
26. The art of seducing people through power talk
27. Kino escalation / Creating rapport
28. Motivation / Pain and pleasure
29. The controlling power that directs your life
30. How to run your brain / Change in an instant
31. Conditioning of mind
32. State management / How to run your brain
33. Transformation language