Behavioral Event Interviewing Skills Training program

Couple of questions for the HR Heads and Recruiters?

Have there been instances where you hired someone and it didn’t work out as well as you had hoped?
Did you analyze what were some of the reasons for wrong hires?

Do the math yourself:

Take a moment and think about a “hiring mistake” you have made. Here’s a brief list of both tangible and intangible factors that affect the cost of making a bad hiring decision. As you go through the list try to estimate the cost of each factor, and then add it all up.

The factors are as follows:

Tangible factors:

Recruiting costs such as fees and advertising, salary, benefits, management time
Training costs
Lost productivity

Intangible factors:

Damaged reputation of a failed hiring manager
Loss of goodwill
Low staff morale
Turnover, loss of other qualified candidates, unfinished projects
Reduced productivity

Building a strong company starts with a solid foundation of dedicated and talented employees

Jim Collins, author of the best seller ‘Good to Great’, says, ‘Truly great organizations get the right people on the bus. Then they get the right people in the right seats’.

Do you also believe in what Jim Collins says?

If yes, and you wanna ensure you are hiring the right people to make your company a great success, you can consider letting your hiring managers undergo Behavioral Event Interviewing program.

Presenting Behavioral Event Interviewing Training Program

What is Behavioral Event Interviewing?

Behavioral Event Interviewing helps the hiring managers develop a sharper assessment of a possible job candidate against the given profile. The assessment is not just based on knowledge or experience but on the pre determined competencies of jobs.

What’s in it for you?

BEI is a ticket to prepare participants in making the right hiring decisions and contribute more to your company’s bottom line.

What your Hiring Managers will learn? Content Outline

Analyze limitations of traditional interviews, how to improve them, need for structured interview
Intro to the BEI framework: Using the STEP model of interviewing
Linking interviewing to competency model: Design and evaluate competency based interviews
Understand BEI concepts such as competencies, types of questions and STEP technique
Master dos and don’ts of an interview to determine what works and what doesn’t
Create behavioral questions for specific competencies and develop probing questions
Learn to apply BEI in your industry and organizational context
Identify communication style and understand its impact when you conduct an
Practice conducting, giving and observing interviews

Target audience:

HR Heads, Hiring Managers, Senior Managers, Branch Managers, and the likes


Two Days


Presentation, Role plays, A/V’s, Games and Exercises