Team Building Training Program

There are groups of people who work in companies with mutual interests. But then for success they have to work like a team. They all are individuals with diverse talents and knowledge and skills. When they work together and harness their skills etc. together for common goals, it can lead to great success for the company.

Our team building workshops work on the premise that coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success, and this massage we download on the participants through team building activities and powerful question based debrief sessions.

The objective

Turn a group of individuals into a productive team.
Get them to contribute with a sense of purpose and achieve set goals with renewed vigor and vitality.
Make them understand and apply the traits of an effective team player at work and achieve glory for the company they are working in.

Content outline

Identify the importance of Creativity, Team Bonding, Involvement, contributing to the team
List techniques of building stronger and more effective teams
Describe the various stages of team formation
Identify importance of strategy planning in order to emerge winners
Distribution of roles for task accomplishment
Understanding team goals, give feedback, and anticipate team problems
Communicate effectively with different types of personalities and resolve conflicts

The content is delivered through exciting, fast paced activities and games followed by powerful debriefs. The games and activities are deliberated upon in conjunction with the HR heads and other people managers keeping in mind the company’s values and competencies required of the staff members.