40 Days to Being a Powerful, Effective & Charismatic Communicator, Challenge

The tools you need to master Communication Skills, in 40 days!
Welcome to mastering Communication Skills in 40 days challenge. This challenge has been designed to cover processes and methods involved in speaking before a group of people or one on one, as one expects to encounter in day to day and professional set ups. It prepares you in the art of creative and coherent communication of ideas, use of visual, verbal and vocal means to be more effective as communicator and how to use language correctly and effectively.

This 40 days challenge will help you speak with

And energy
in any situation.
No matter what your current level of communication is, this program will train you in developing and enhancing your communication and interpersonal skills for any context to produce measurable results on a daily basis. You will make a strong impression as a strong listener, body language expert, persuasion master, avoiding subtle mistakes and building better rapport.

My challenge to you is simple: Become a Powerful, Effective & charismatic Communicator in 40 days.

Along the way whatever your experience level may be:

You’ll receive the skills, tools, confidence and knowledge to become a powerful and high impact, charismatic & stylish communicator.

We want you to master communication skills and to make sure you become one, we are going to hold your hand and walk you through every step along the way.

Overview of the challenge:

My challenge to you is simple: Become a Powerful, Effective & charismatic Communicator in 40 days.


To introduce to the participants the concept of communication strategies, verbal and nonverbal communication, powerful platform presence etc.
To enable the participants to generate high professional communication expertise on a daily basis with the help of much developed communication skills.

Who can play?

Those who want to become experts:
In organizing their thoughts and communicating powerfully one on one or presenting to an audience of few to large numbers
In appropriately reacting in high pressure situations
And being congruent in communication
In taking charge of discussions – both formal and informal, internal and external
In overcoming barriers to communication
In developing strong listening skills

The cost:

A nominal fee and the willingness to try on some new behavior and see if they fit and really work for you! Though we are sure they will work for you

The prize

With your communication skills competency developed and enhanced, it will enable you to influence outcomes and get your way in all interactions with people in a positive manner. This will result in:
1. Your Enhanced productivity
2. Gained efficiencies and confidence in your personal and professional discussions
3. Healthier relationships
4. Maximized business opportunities
5. Reduced preventable losses – costs saved
6. Internal & external customers’ satisfaction
7. Employee retention
8. Increase in your company’s bottom line results on all fronts
Above all
You will create a powerful attractive personality, which will be the envy of your peers, friends, colleagues and relatives and of course you will create the lifestyle that you crave for and deserve.

How to play?

There will be 5 weeks of online training. Total 30 - 40 hours of training
Weekends: Saturday and Sunday: 3 hours per session
One on one coaching also available
After the weekend training you will be given missions which you will have to accomplish on the week days / weekends. So the practical training plus the daily missions will enhance your learning and help you get out of your comfort zone and bring desired changes in your communication skills and speaking behavior. Behavior change will make you stronger and give you greater successes in your careers.
We have developed 40 days of communication skills related mission / activities which you have to do like a mission every day. You have to set aside at least one hour a day to do:

• All the missions, exercises without fail
For daily missions, and exercises, contexts are set and learning contents used during training are given in the form of supplementary materials in the form of audios / videos short easy to read and learn written materials in capsule forms.

Follow UP

Daily follow up through Emails / WhatsApp
Audio / Videos and other demos / learning / motivational materials will be provided off and on to keep you keyed in to your daily missions and motivate you to carry on to vigorously complete your missions
Discussion forum: The challengers will join the discussion forum on Email / WhatsApp to share their wins and struggles in carrying out the missions


The trainer will always be available on an Email / WhatsApp to help you carry on with the missions if or when you struggle with anything while attempting the challenges.


Once you join the 40 days to being a powerful and effective communication skills challenge, you will be given the guidelines which will detail you, on how you are going to play the game of charisma, captivating presence, strong vocals, verbal power and confidence which is going to give immense successes to you throughout your life time.

Some of the topics of being the most powerful, effective communicator challenge are:
(Representative of content outline)
Competencies and sub competencies in communication skills – an example of typical interaction between two employees / people on a particular issue / concern

1. Building relationship
      - Greets and shows interest in the person interacting with
      - Uses words that show genuine care and interest throughout the interaction
      - Uses tone, pace, eye contact and posture that show genuine interest in the interaction
      - Responds explicitly to each other’s ideas, feelings and values

2. Open the discussion
      - Allows the other person to complete opening statement without interruption
      - Asks ‘is there anything else’ to elicit full set of interests / concerns
      - Explains and/or negotiate an agenda for the interaction

3. Gathers information
      - Begins with narrative using open
      - ended questions (tell me about)
      - Clarifies details as necessary with more specific or yes/no questions
      - Summarizes and gives each other opportunity to correct or add information
      - Transitions effectively to additional questions

4. Understands each other’s perspective
      - Asks about issues, concerns, circumstances, reason of conflict if any etc.
      - Elicits each other’s beliefs, concerns and expectations about the issue at hand, concerns etc.

5. Shares information
      - Assess each other’s understanding of issues / concern and desire for more information
      - Explains using words that are easy for each other to understand
      - Asks each other if they have any further questions / paraphrasing
      - Summarizing

6. Reaches agreement (if new/changed)
      - Includes choices and decisions to the extent they desire
      - Checks for mutual understanding of issue / concern and the agreement reached
      - Asks about the follow up if required

7. Provides closure
      - Asks each other if they have further questions, concerns or other issues
      - Summarizes
      - Clarifies follow up
      - Acknowledge each other and close communication