Fun Conference Ideas to Energize Your Audience

Your next meeting or annual event or a retreat you have planned to invigorate your people, is a chance to motivate and connect your team.

If you are looking for opening fun conference ideas to team build and bring people together or energize your group, consider including a theatrical game show host, anchor and team building speaker Jamal Shah. Jamal Shah, incorporates fun activities into his teamwork messages to keep your audience engaged, create connections, and emphasize the key ideas you want attendees to remember.

The truth is that, at the end of many conferences, the audience leaves with sore backsides from sitting through a series of boring, traditional presentation.

Content is important – but interaction and laughter are often the key to making any kind of content more memorable!

If you want to create a more positive experience at your event, Jamal will help energize your group and ensure that they make a few new connections.

In addition to inspiring laughter, smiles, and applause, Jamal will also:

Boost the energy and get your attendees more engaged
Help create more productive and meaningful relationships
Breakdown barriers and encourage collaboration
Provide a positive experience and increase future attendance

Whether you need someone opening your conference to provide powerful ice-breakers that inspire your people to interact with one another to forge relationships, or are looking for an early afternoon session speaker to energize and team build your group, Jamal provides fun conference ideas and experiences that won’t be forgotten.

You want your people to have a great experience and remain alert and attentive throughout the entire day… and who you choose to invite as your presenters will have a huge influence on how successful the conference is for your audience.

Jamal is committed to working together with the clients to ensure that the audience leaves more connected, with memorable and actionable insights. To do that, stay away from the passive presentations they dread, and include more of the experiences they dream of…

Don’t Make Your People Endure What They Dread…

A dull traditional speaker is selected to open your conference / meeting / award function – Your people sit passively and soon lose interest in PowerPoint slides that are filled with paragraphs and platitudes. Boredom sweeps across the room, and the audience begins to fidget and check their emails instead of focusing on the message or being prepared to take action on anything that was said. The audience leaves feeling drained and disconnected…

Instead, Give Your People the Experience They Dream of:
You choose to invite Jamal to INTERACT with your people… Jamal brings enthusiasm, interaction, and relevant content, incorporating out-of-your-seat paired and whole group activities that get your audience involved in and experiencing the message. Your group will not only connect and team build, they will internalize the take-aways.

The entire audience is laughing, energized, and impacted by the message. The theatrical games shows that Jamal incorporates in the events has been described as a cross between a concert and the best party ever. Jamal makes audience members the stars of the show, taking the entire audience on a journey using exciting games, music and dance to create a whole lot of laughter and a ton of fun!

The ultimate in-company audience participating variety show

Everyone got the talent

‘Let’em rock the world’

Would you want your workforce have fun by partaking in exciting and hilarious activities where they are not the antagonistic or protagonists but they are part of the playfield

These games are designed to help your people relax, let go and have fun. Audience members would enjoy the participatory aspect of riddle shows, games, hilarious activities like cat on your head and mirror dancing.

We will put energy in the room by adding an element of audience participation. You people will come together get involved become performers and stars of the show. Because audiences are no longer happy to be merely audiences but now demand to take part as well…

Sometimes, we are funny together. All of us. At more or less the same time. Singing a silly song, maybe, playing a funny game. Walking a funny walk, talking in funny voices, in foreign accents, in slow motion…. Your people will be funny together, those amateurish, funny together times, they will be funnier than comedians and clowns. Funny beyond clever. So funny, they will be taken by surprise by how funny they can be

How can you use this thrilling program?

In conferences & conventions
Dealers conferences
Networking events
Retreats planned
Morning sales huddles
Sales trainings
Soft skills trainings

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