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Your personality is the greatest asset you have!
It’s time now you honed it, chiseled it and made it the best!
Let us help you in doing that with our cutting edge courses and training programs, which are proven winners and are delivered in the most powerful and effective manner which is the strong point of the academy.

Our Awesome Courses For Individuals


Public Speaking Skills Course.
The Speaker's Studio


Spoken English Skills Course


Personality Development Course


Motivation On the Go…(Motivational program to pep participants up)

Power Workshops For The Corporate World

The Art of Public Speaking
‘Sell Powerfully – The Power to Influence’ sales training program
Mastering student counseling skills for greater sales
Building a culture of service excellence
Communication Skills
Team building - working in teams
Professional telephone techniques
Campus to Corporate – Personality Development Training Program for Youngsters
Motivational Pep Rally: Fire the soul and banish impossibility

About Jamal Shah

Founder and Managing Director and Master Trainer of Jamal Shah Academy for Personal Power, Public speaking and Spoken English
The awesome courses and training programs are brought to you by India’s incredible Soft Skills Trainer & the ‘Hottest Motivational Mogul’: Mr. Jamal Shah

He is a communication specialist, a great motivator, an MBA and a certified NLP practitioner. Jamal, based in New Delhi is known for his infectious enthusiasm, energy and training style. He has the remarkable ability to capture and hold audiences attention and engage them for greater learning. Jamal Shah infuses listeners with a sense of energy and self-esteem. All his courses and training programs, keynotes and motivational rallies are like a spell binding motivational boot camp where he cajoles, entertains and enlightens the audience with a fast moving combination of stories, example, humor, activities and quotations.
His programs work like a charm.
Jamal is part dramatic actor, part stand up comedian, part evangelistic preacher. When he walks out on stage, he sets himself on fire and people watch him burn literally.

Mr. Jamal Shah
(Managing Director)

Of course it’s not just what happens when Jamal Shah is on stage
It’s what happens next

He ignites lasting changes in the way people work, interact and go for achieving what they have set out to achieve. They come away from the training programs with some tangible tools and techniques as well that they can use immediately to bring positive changes in their personal and professional lives. Leading them to achieve greatness in their studies and careers.
In a nutshell, Jamal Shah’s programs are fun, thought provoking, power pumping and more than anything else they make a difference in the lives of each and every person in attendance. You gotta see it to believe it….