Motivational Pep Rally

‘Fire the soul and banish impossibility’

The most exhilarating Jamal Shah’s Musical thriller would turn people into daily warriors and take their personal and professional life to great heights. It’s fast! It’s furious! It’s unstoppable fun!

It’s the 20/20 live of a high voltage riotous motivational training event! You bet! It’s more exciting than a 20/20 cricket match: You bet!

It’s not only highly entertaining and fun: It also has life’s big message! What Is ‘Fire the soul and banish impossibility’?

‘Fire the soul and banish impossibility’ is a passionate, high-energy, theatrical, dramatic motivational program to pep people up to up their ante. It’s a kick in the pants that’ll kick up their daily productivity, kick up their income and kick up their future & and kick up their company profits!


Colorful magical environment
Upbeat raucous, frenzied music
Games / Activities
Dance / Energizers
Colorful Motivational take outs from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

How it can be used?

To give people new empowering feelings of greatness in their personal & professional lives
To get people to celebrate celebration
To get people to celebrate life with a vow to do great in their lives and live life with unstoppable passion

What will it accomplish? The benefits

• Make people more passionate, alive, more energetic & motivated to set targets & achieve them
• Condition them to stop cribbing and complaining, stop waiting for change and become the best in whatever they do
• Provide them strategies & new perspectives on self management
• Give them tools to build confidence, know their hot buttons for confidence
• Enhance their self esteem & help them recharge their batteries!
• Give them new Motivational Energy
• Give them the passionate power to stop whining and start winning!
Length of the program
3 - 4 Hrs.
No. of participants
Any number

‘We are born to live passionately’ – Content outline

• Managing ones state and generating more passion and enthusiasm
• Conditioning - mentally, emotionally and physically to create staggering results
• Identifying hot buttons for peak performance and unparalleled success
• Breaking old patterns and busting limiting beliefs: Creating powerful positive beliefs set
• Discovering the element of play in ones lives
• Power of transformational vocabulary
• Raising one’s standards for greater successes
• Power of transformational vocabulary

What next?

Get the training now for your people. Just visualize how Hhhaaapppyyy they will be to undergo such power pumping motivational program, while having fun - which they will never forget in their lives.