40 Days To Being A Powerful Sales Professional, Challenge: Corporates

Do you want your sales people to master sales?
Do you want your sales people to ‘Sell like Hell’?
Do you want your sales people to attract sales effortlessly & get them to condition their mind for greater sales successes?
So that they sell powerfully, sell more, and bring in more sales revenue into the company!!!
If the answer to all of above is ‘YES’
Then you must take our 40 days to being ‘Most Powerful Sales Professional Challenge’
For your Sales People.

The Concept
40 days to being powerful sales professional challenge is all
about learning, practicing and becoming a powerhouse of a sales person.

The sales people will in the 40 days challenge work upon the ‘Deadly Dozens’: the twelve mistakes that cost sales people sales and income. When managed and developed, they are the 12 areas that all master sales people and high-income producers do the best. And, it’s the basis for 40 days to being powerful sales professional challenge.

The purpose of the 40 days challenge is two-fold. First, to provide sales people with a starting point necessary to become a self-managed and self-developing sales professional and helping them to identify where they stand within the twelve specific areas of sales.

Second, help them with ideas, perspective, and strategy to improve their sales, and become a money churner for the company.

Of course that would take their sales to the zenith, enhancing your company’s sales revenue,

That will also take their sales career to dizzying heights, earning them the lifestyle that they want and deserve.

Overview of the challenge:
The objective: To turn your sales people into a confident and powerful sales professional in 40 days

Who can play?

Salesmen, sales executives, sales managers and anyone seeking a very powerful, attractive sales personality, who are able to influence and persuade clients to buy their products / services without much effort.

The cost:

A nominal fee and the willingness to ensure your sales people try on some new sales oriented behaviour that will really work!

The prize

Your sales goes up hugely to meet the skies!!!
and there is high energy in your sellers

How to play?

1. Weekends: 5 weeks of online training. Total 30 / 40 hours of training. Weekends: Saturday and Sunday: 3 hours per session

2. Weekdays: A customized, being a sales powerhouse, sales training challenge is also available, which could run for 1,2,3 days as per your requirement.

3. Alternatively this 40 days challenge can be taken without undergoing sales training program, in which case Audio / Videos and other demos / learning / motivational materials will be provided and on through Email and WhatsApp, to keep them keyed in to their daily missions and motivate them to carry on to vigorously complete their missions

So once you decide to take the challenge for your sales people, then after the weekdays / weekend training your sales people will be given missions which they will have to accomplish on the week days / weekends. So the practical training plus the daily missions will enhance their learning and help them get out of their comfort zone and bring desired changes in their sales behaviour.

If you don’t take the training then, the audios, videos and other learning materials, demos would act as training on the go for your sales people. They will take advantage of this ongoing training and turn into great sales warriors.

Behaviour change will make them stronger and give them greater successes in their sales careers.

We have developed 40 days of mission / activities which they have to do like a mission every day. They have to set aside at least one hour a day to do:
All the missions, exercises without fail
For daily missions, and exercises, contexts are set and learning contents used during training are given in the form of supplementary materials in short easy to read and learn, capsule forms.

Follow UP

Daily follow up through Emails / WhatsApp
Audio / Videos and other demos / learning / motivational materials will be provided off and on to keep them keyed in to their daily missions and motivate them to carry on to vigorously complete their missions
Discussion forum: The challengers will join the discussion forum on WhatsApp group / Emails to share their wins and struggles in carrying out the missions


The trainer will always be available on Email / WhatsApp to help sales people carry on with the missions if or when they struggle with anything while attempting the challenges.


Once they join the 40 days challenge, they will be given the guidelines which will detail them, on how they are going to play the game of power and confidence and how to win the most important game of their life which is going to give immense sales successes throughout their life time.

Some of the topics of the powerful training program will be:

Creating A Foundation For Success

There are twelve specific areas within the selling process that if sales people master them, they almost always advance the sale and will dramatically increase their closing ratio and their income. Without them, they almost always lose the sale.

These 12 strategies (each one is underlined) or deadly mistakes the most successful sales people have in common are:
Strategies for preparation
Strategies for managing your emotions (i.e. your emotional state), developing your goals and empowering belief systems
Strategies for effective prospecting.
Strategies for building rapport & trust
Strategies for creating interest
Strategies for qualifying the prospect’s problems, true needs and rules for attainment
Strategies for building conviction and facilitating commitments from the prospect that will justify buying
Strategies for creating an experience that will make the benefits of your product/service feel real to your prospect
Strategies for converting objectives into commitments
Strategies for managing the account and the future relationship