Public Speaking Skills Course

The course on the art of public speaking covers processes and methods involved in speaking before a group of people as one expects to encounter in professional set ups. It prepares the students in the art of creative and coherent presentation of ideas, writing a good presentation, visual, verbal and vocal means to be more effective as a communicator, and how to use language correctly and effectively.

It further enables the students to think critically, build their arguments sequentially and to generate relevant evidence wherever necessary. Special attention is given to informative and persuasive extemporaneous speeches.

This course will help you speak with confidence and style in any situation. You will be able to conquer forever the fear of speaking before a small or large audience and take command of your audience with authority and presence. You will make a strong impression at meetings and presentations and enhance your career and job performance.

Course Content

Unit 1: The Art of telling your story

How a course in public speaking can help you?
Introducing yourself and others
Public speaking as communication
Distinctive features of public speaking
Objectives of oral communication
Persuasive talk
Power of the spoken world

Unit 2: Essential Tools of Public Speaking

Knowing your audience
3V’s of communication
Verbal Communication
Visual communication
Vocal communication
Listening in public speaking
Style and swag

Unit 3: Ruling the Stage

The skills of making presentations
Planning and practicing for public speaking
Techniques of public speaking
Involving the audience and improving stage presence and power
Enhancing presentation skills: using aids
How to keep your presentation interesting
Secrets of star presenters and orators
Types of presentation
Feedback and evaluation of presentation

Unit 4: Psychology of public speaking

Self confidence for effective communications
Speaking without fear
The impression you make
Perception in communication
Interpersonal behavior
Misunderstanding in communication

Unit v: Mechanics of writing

Stages in the writing of a presentation
Designing and writing your speech
Structuring the body of your presentation
Using supporting material in your presentations

Training Methodology

Video Recording & Action Replay
Role plays, demonstrations and exercises
Encouraging individual participation on stage to give presentations in every session
Games and activities related to the topic to make learning easy and fun
Power point slides and audio / video clips
Question-Answers at the end of every session
Lively sessions
Home Assignments

Who can join?

School / college students, management students, engineering Students, IT/computer students, English language students, house wives etc.
Professionals wanting to go for a makeover

Fees and Duration:

1 - Monday to Thursday: 10 AM – 12PM, 1PM – 3PM, 48 Hrs: 11/2 Months. Investment: Rs.6000/-
2 – Monday to Thursday: 10 AM – 12PM, 1PM – 3PM, 96 Hrs, 3 Months. Investment: Rs. 9900/-
3 – Monday to Thursday: 10AM – 12PM, 1PM - 3PM, 144 Hours, 41/2 Months. Investment: Rs. 17,500