‘Train The Trainer Coaching / Training program through In Person & Online Platform and Phone’

Program Description

This powerful ‘Train The Trainer’ coaching / training program puts the latest trends and techniques at the participants’ fingertips.

Who is this coaching / training program for?

Whether you’ve been training for a while
Are recent starters
Are managers who want to turn into Internal trainers
You want to start on your own trainer career

This program will show you how to become a facilitator of learning and a tremendous presenter. You’ll build confidence, engage your trainees from the beginning and leave your trainees praising your training abilities.

You, after the training will experience how results-driven methodology will transform your training sessions into multi-layered, interactive, highly effective and exciting learning experiences for trainees.

Specific Objectives

Focus will be on facilitating and presenting, practical, proven, leading-edge techniques and strategies for you to be highly effective in developing and designing your training and then delivering them to your trainees in an effective manner. So that rate of learning and transfer of skills meets management’s goals?


The coaching consists of a continuous sequence of discussions, interaction, practical exercises & games

You will learn how to

Establish "instant" rapport with their participants and get them “in” immediately
Deliver content simply but logically in a brain-friendly fashion.
Orchestrate sensible and fun learning environment
Engage the audience in multi-faceted, ingenious ways to facilitate learning.
Reinforce commitment to the job by creating value of the learning experience
Facilitate with confidence challenging behaviors of different crowds
Plan and design a seamless, multi-sensory learning with lasting impact
Support and train people in an even more result-focused manner and results-boosting, super-charged training
Face groups confidently and enthusiastically
Exceed trainees’ expectations instead of having them as passive, unmotivated, bored, or resistant to training
Put more spice, fun, energy, and creativity into their training sessions. Transfer information from short-term to long-term memory


Adult learning style: How learning takes place
Brains recall: Brains left and right
Brains: VHF concept
Trainee mindset
Trainer styles
Who is a trainer

Commandments for training

Factors for success in training
Training Styles
Principles to deliver training effectively
Theory of learning
The Training process

Training Needs Analysis
Developing Training Objectives
Designing training material / module
Selecting training methods
Designing training evaluation approach
Walking the talk: Delivering the training
Measuring training results

Designing training material / module

Problem with training design
Getting trainee advocacy
Power of WIFFY
Building training sequence
Doing productive brainstorming
Identifying key points to discuss and train in
Focusing on the massage
Capturing trainees mind
Opening gambit
Closing powerfully
Planning the structure
Planning the content
Preparing Audio-Visual Aids
Proper use of graphics / PPT’s

Preparing yourself for training

Controlling Nerves: Relaxed breathing
Affirmations with congruency
Rehearsing and voice training
Personal preparation

Walking the talk: Delivering the training

Preparing the venue
Getting started
Keeping the participants alert, engaged, open and relaxed
Using rapport building techniques with success
Using activities and games to reinforce the learnings
Mistakes to avoid
Communication: How you are perceived
Generating congruency
Body language communication
The power of rapport
Staying in control: Sensory acuityn
Dealing with difficult behaviors
Dealing with questions
Listening skills in training

Finale: Participants conducting a short group training session


Presentation, Activities, Role Plays, Games, and Exercises, A/V’s


In Person at the premise training / coaching

Week Days
Four Days


Online / phone coaching

Schedule for Weakened Coaching:

Weekend Coaching: Saturday & Sunday
Program Duration: 2 Months
2 Hours per session: 16 Hours per Month